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    How to use our Rowing Performance System. Toistaiseksi vain Englanniksi.

    5min Tutorial Video

    Check this to see how to attach the phone onto the boat and the pod on the oar/ seat and what real time feedback screens are available while rowing

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    Ready, set, measure!

    Attach the pod to your oar and a phone to the boat

    The pod is attached to the oar you want to measure and the Android phone is attached firmly to the boat. The phone displays the analyzed data immediately as numbers or graphs.


    If you want to measure both oars simultaneously you need two pods and two phones (one phone per sensor).

    Rowing Performance sensor sales box

    The Product Box

    The pod and accessories

    The pod comes in a metal box with the following items:


    1. Safety strap


    2. Strap to attach the pod cradle to the oar


    3. Pod with cradle


    4. USB cable


    5. Dual lock tape

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    First time use

    The pod

    Carefully lift the pod from its cradle by gently pulling from the end with the handlebar.


    Attach the safety strap to the pod as shown.

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    First time use

    The cradle and strap

    Slide the strap through the cradle slits and thread it through the buckle as shown.

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    Olympic Boats: How to attach the pod to the oar

    Level and straight

    Attach the charged pod into the cradle and pull the strap (including the safety strap) onto the oar collar. The pod handle with the safety strap should point in the direction of the rower.

    Use the cradle rails to position the cradle in the right way, it needs to be level and straight (there are different cradle sizes for different size oars).

    Finally pull the strap tight.

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    Olympic Boats: Correct placement of the pod

    parallel with blade on the convex side

    The pod and cradle should be placed next to the oar lock on the side closer to the rower and where the blade of the oar is convex.

    During drive the pod is visible and facing towards the bow.

    During recovery the sensor is facing the water.

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    Olympic Boats: OK

    The pod is parallel with blade on the convex side

    The pod center line is aligned with the oar.

    The pod must lie flat parallel to the oar.

    Correct placement is essential for the measurement to work

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    Olympic Boats: Not OK

    No tilting allowed

    The pod cannot be tilted in any direction.

    Misalignment of the pod reduces the quality of the data.

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    Attaching the phone

    The phone should be easily viewable to see the instant feedback

    We recommend using a water proof device. The phone needs to be firmly attached to the boat and it mustn't move during rowing.


    If you use just one pod you need only one phone.

    For two pods (one of either oar) you need two phones.

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    Attaching the phone using tape

    Make sure the phone is level

    The phone can be attached to any existing SpeedCoach mount by using a piece of dual lock tape on the mount and on the back of the phone.

    This is a very easy and reliable attachment method just make sure the phone is level with respect to the horizon. Back/front tilting in the bow-stern direction is allowed.

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    Attaching the phone using a mount

    Make sure the phone is level

    The phone can also be attached using different types of phone mounts. There are many types of mounts but we recommend the pictured RAM phone mount .

    Make sure the phone is level with respect to the horizon. Back/front tilting in the bow-stern direction is allowed.

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    Charging the pod

    is easy

    Remove the cap from the pod and plug a USB charger to the USB connector (Micro USB). You should allow 1-2hrs for full recharging. Unplug the charger and replace the cap when ready.

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    Using the pod with a traditional rowing boat (non feathering oars)

    Attachment is perpendicular to the blade

    Pull the strap (including safety strap) with sensor close to the oar hinge (but not too close, about 10cm distance is ok) and tighten the strap. The pod is perpendicular to the blade and the sensor handle points towards the rower.

    Check that the pod is parallel with the oar and that it lies perfectly flat. Tilting in any direction reduces the quality of the measurements.

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    Two pods measuring two oars in a traditional boat

    Attachment is perpendicular to the blade. The pods handle always points towards the rower.

    To measure both right and left oars you need pods on both oars and two phones that must be rigidly fixed to the boat. The phones must be level with respect to the horizon but can be tilted in the bow-stern direction.

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    Measuring multiple rowers

    One or two sensors per rower

    Each rower needs one or two phones depending on if they are measuring one or two oars. Attached an example wooden double with two different attachment methods for two phones per rower.

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    Indoor rowing: Pod on seat

    Pod attachment to indoor rowing machine.

    The pod can be attached with dual lock tape to the seat or inserted to a seat cushion if used. The pod should be attached with the handle towards flywheel.

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    Indoor rowing: Phone attachment to handle ( Concept 2) Part 1.

    Phone attachment to indoor rowing machine.

    Phone can be attached to indoor rowing machine (Concept 2) handle with Finn holder. See picture how to thread Finn holder to handle.

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    Indoor rowing: Phone attachment to handle ( Concept 2) Part 2.

    Phone attachment to indoor rowing machine.

    After Finn holder in place you could attach your phone to handle.

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    LED light indications

    Blinking or not?

    Sensor LED indicates the pod status as follows:

    - Blue, Green or Red light, the pod is succesfully paired with the phone and RowP App. Blue color means seat, Green means right hand oar and Red left hand oar.

    - Blue, Green or Red light blinking indicates that the measurement has been started.


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