• Measure and Improve your Technique on water

    How to use the RowP System on Water and what you get out of it.


    The Quiske Rowing Performance System consists of the RowP App and a pod that together can measure, analyze and provide instant feedback on your rowing technique, so that you can become a better rower. Our SW automatically sniffs for rowing strokes and gives instant feedback on both boat specific metrics (boat acceleration and velocity) as well as rower specific metrics (oar and seat work of individual rowers).

    The RowP App uses kinetic sensors not only from one external pod but also from the phone (which needs to be rigidly attached to the boat). The data from both sources are combined and synchronized and run through our algorithm engine to produce simple feedback to help you improve as a rower with feedback provided after each stroke, on water.

    The Quiske Rowing Performance System consists of sensors and a phone App

    How to get started?

    If you want to make it easy for yourself you can simply get our  full set which includes everything you need, in our store.


    Attach your device running the RowP App somewhere close to the foot stretcher where you can see the instant feedback. You can use double sided tape or any rigid phone holder, just make sure the device is firmly attached so it doesn't wobble.

    Next strap the pod onto your oar, and place it next to the oarlock with the pod handle pointing towards the rower on the side of the oar where the blade is convex (see our Guide for more details).


    When you launch the RowP App you need to choose the right boat type under Settings. Here you can also choose between different units, and whether recording should start straight after pressing “Record” or only after rowing actually starts, and whether to pause recording when rowing is paused. We recommend “AutoConnect” as the preferred method to speed up the set up when going on water, this option simply connects automatically to the sensor used previously.

    When you’re happy with your Settings you continue to the Rowing screen where you first connect to the pod and drag it to the right position on the screen (left/right oar, or the seat) . After that all you need to do is start rowing.

    You can place the Quiske Sensor on the oar or on the seat

    What does the RowP App measure? What immediate feedback is there?

    You can swipe between a number of screens showing metrics or graphs showing boat, oar or seat data.

    Main Rowing Screen

    This is the default screen showing eight (or four if you prefer less) tiles with traditional metrics such as SPM, speed and distance but most interesting from rowing performance point of view are the metrics from the oar or seat sensor: You can see the arc length of your oar work in real time, or, the maximum seat speed during the drive. Each tile can be freely configured by long pressing the tile.





    Boat acceleration curve

    The first graph shows the acceleration of the boat during the previous stroke. When rowing, the boat velocity fluctuates in rhythm with the strokes. The oars propel the boat forward during the drive and this accelerates the boat. The movement of the rowers back and forth relative to the boat accelerates and decelerates the boat and the RowP App gives instant feedback on when and by how much the boat is speeding up or slowing down during the previous stroke.The shape of the curve as well as the max and min values depend very much on the rowing technique and gives information on the rowing efficiency. The y-axis shows the acceleration in m/s^2 whereas the x-axis shows the normalized time without units, the x-axis is auto-scaled to fit one entire stroke cycle from catch to finish no matter what the stroke rate is. If the y-value is positive it means that the boat is speeding up, and you can easily see during which part of the stroke this happens by having a look at what part of the curve is above the x-axis.


    If you've strapped the RowP pod to an oar the following screens show feedback on how you are moving the oar. The first graph shows the path of the blade during one full stroke. The pod measures the rotation in all three directions to calculate the full path of the oar both horizontally and vertically.


    Blade flight path

    This graph visualizes how the oar is moving up and down as well as back and forth. The shape of the blade flight path reveals how the rower is handling the oar at catch, during the drive, at finish as well as during the recovery giving valuable insight into technique. On both axes’ we have degrees. All values are relative, not absolute. In fact each curve starts from 0/0, continues counter clock wise, and returns to starting point. The vertical axis represents how high or low (from 0/0 starting point) the blade goes and horizontal axis tells how far the blade goes in front/back-directions.

    The Performance curve

    This curve shows the angular velocity of the oar in the horizontal direction. The values and especially the shape of the performance curve reveal a lot about the rowing technique. The higher the angular velocity of the oar is when the oar is in the water the higher the force that is applied to the boat is, in other words the performance curve is related to the power curve but is different in that it is useful also for analyzing not only the drive phase but also the recovery.

    If the performance curve has very steep sides when it crosses the x-axis it means that the rower is changing the direction of the motion very fast. Also you can see how even the distribution of power is during the drive and whether recovery is smooth or whether there is speeding up towards the catch. The location of the maximum angular velocity during drive and recovery can be analyzed in detail in the web portal (read more below), this is especially helpful for crews who want to row in synchrony.

    If you've attached a pod to the seat the RowP App doesn’t show any oar graphs (the blade flight path and performance graphs above) but shows the velocity of the speed during one full stroke instead:

    Seat speed curve

    The seat speed is positive during drive and negative during recovery, of course the speed is 0 when the seat is stationary. You can see the maximum seat speed during drive on the right.

    You need to press record to store data from your rowing for uploading to our web portal for more detailed analysis. Stop recording when you’re finished with your piece. Short recordings are enough to see the signature rowing style of a rower. When you’re finished with your rowing you can go to Sessions to upload all sessions you want to store. The sessions remain locally on your phone until they are uploaded or until you delete them. Remember to finally close the App in order to disconnect from the sensor. Remember to charge you sensor once in a while.

    All recorded data can be uploaded to the Rowing Performance web portal which can be accessed with your Rowing Performance account login. Sessions are uploaded from the Rowing Performance App in the Sessions tab.

    What can you do with the data afterwards?

    The Rowing Performance web portal is where all your data is stored and analyzed. You can do detailed analysis of regions within any uploaded sessions and also compare them with each other.

    In the web portal the sessions are listed according to the time of recording and you can see the boat type, distance, speed, duration as well as where the sensor pod was located during the measurement.

    The Rowing Performance Web portal contains all recorded sessions that have been uploaded

    Clicking on a session allows first shows a summary of the session including the stroke rate and boat speed over the entire session.

    The individual points on the SPM and boat speed graph show the individual strokes measured and you can choose as many of these as you want for closer analytics on not only boat (acceleration and speed as a function of the stroke) but also rower specific measurements (blade flight path and seat velocity). As an example below is the blade flight path measured over 3 strokes:


    We also calculate a number of metrics from within the selected region, for example the average arc length of the stroke, the average angular velocity of the oar during drive and recovery (as well as where these maxima occur within the stroke cycle) and whenever there sensor is attached to the seat we provide the average top speed of the seat.
    Of course we also provide tagging and a map of where the session took place to help you remember what you were doing during a particular session.


    We believe anyone can learn to row and when improving technique, repetition is key. For fine tuning the motion feedback is necessary and immediate feedback is best. With the RowP App you get easy to understand metrics on boat, oar and seat performance and can focus on these one by one while still on water. With the instant oar arc angle the rower can make sure to keep long powerful strokes even during a longer race. The quality of the catch can be studied with the performance or blade flight path graphs. The quality of the leg work is visible in the seat speed graph, where also rushing on recovery is visualized.


    Our web portal stores all recorded uploaded sessions and allows detailed analysis and comparisons afterwards. By studying the shape of the graphs rowers in a crew can find differences in technique.


    You can also save analyses of certain regions within a session and compare those with others. Log in to our web portal for more information on the analytics provided.


    Rowing with the same technique is most efficient and makes the boat move faster.

  • Measure and improve your rowing technique indoors

    How to use the RowP System on the Ergo and what you get out of it.

    Indoor Rowing technique is measured by placing the pod on the seat and the phone one the handle. The App shows the speed graphs of the seat and the handle overlaid and in addition to that, eight numerical metrics:

    1. Stroke length (m)
    2. SPM
    3. The rhythm showing the duration of the drive (%)
    4. The maximum handle speed during the drive (m/s)
    5. The rhythm of the seat (%)
    6. The maximum seat speed during the drive (m/s) 
    7. The timing of seat vs handle (%)
    8. The time that the seat remains stationary during one stroke (%) 

    The graphs and metrics help you fine tune your rowing technique so that you can get rid of rushing on recovery, bum-shooting, and other typical beginners' mistakes, and always make the next stroke better than the previous one. Additionally our system is ideal for people in a crew, who want to synchronize their rowing technique in order to row their boat on water in the most efficient manner.


    The level of attention to detail when training indoors should be as high as when rowing on water. 

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